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Wanted to listen last night due 11 cop cars going by, but the section for Indiana, Marion County, IMPD and Speedway police are now always offline.


Piece of "do-do" Didn't work since I "loaded" it. Don't waste your $$$.

Police radio


Boston Marathon Bomber coverage

I just wanted to sent you all a note to say that I installed this app on my ipad the day the Massachusetts police had most of Boston on lockdown while looking for the remaining Tsarnaev brother after the Boston Marathon bombing. My wife and I live in Texas and the TV was on CNN, but we were listening to the Western Massachusettes State Police feed on your Police Radio HD app and we were amazed at the clarity and access that this app gave us during those stressful moments. We had better and quicker information than CNN had. Kudos to you. Keep up this great work.

For real

Good app; works; we use this to listen to all the craziness every weekend evening.


Excellent app. Works great!


This app is AMAZING.......... It's very helpful and let's you know what's goin on around your area.


Nothing comes up on anything around me. Waste of 2 bucks! All I get is connection error some stations are only available during certain time of day..... Whatever

Police Radio Scanner

Excellent app. Capable of nationwide police scanner broadcasting. Recommend this highly and CrushedBox personnel are open to suggestions and very friendly.

Poor design. Wait for updated version.

I already own the iPhone version and for the most part love it. I commented to developer about metadata sync issues and asked about an iPad version. I got a response back quickly regarding future updates and a mention about the Police Radio Scanner HD version. I bought it and was a bit shocked to see it looks like an un-finished app. It's a stripped down version of the iPhone app. No skin graphics, No Clock, No LCD Color setting, No Timer settings. My recommendation is to NOT buy this app until you see a few more features added. The iPhone app works great on the iPad and looks better even though it's lower resolution graphics.


It is ok but nothing special. Doesn't serve the purpose of being able to check my local agencies. The list of available agencies is limited unless you happen to live in that area. On the bright side what you can get is real sharp and clear. The maps section of this app is clear but not especially detailed.

Great App

I always loved my police scanners, but they didn't pick up a lot of activity so I tried this app and love it!! Got the app for $1.99 so it wasn't too painful if it didn't work well, but it does. After reading the reviews, I was a little skeptical, but it's great!

Best Police/emergency app I've come across.

Works perfectly so far on my 1G iPad. I don't think it's fair to review poorly this app if the service you want to monitor is offline as that could be an issue with the source. Also poor reviews w/o stating what iDevice you are using is not real helpful for potential customers like myself. So having this posts like this before I decided to ignore the poor reviews and I am VERY glad that I did.

Fun and informative

You can find something to listen to somewhere. I check my local feeds every day. Customer service is great. I let them know my local feeds were down and they emailed when they were back up.


Not an app that works well! Sorry folks look elsewhere.

Great App

This is such a fun App. At first I didn't see my area listed and I was disappointed so I turned off the App. When I turned the App back on my area was there. Because it is St. Patty's Day today I have been having a lot of fun listening to the craziness in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Oh the fun.


This App is the best scanner app around!!!! Easy to use and fast loading!!!! My gf and I sit around and listen to it all the time, On Chicago blizzard of 2011 it was a lot of fun to sit inside and listen to all the squad cars stuck in the snow in front of the police stations..

Finding my local PD

There's bunch of feeds but my local PD isn't listed is there a way i can add or find a URL.? Looking for riverside county (east county)

Not pleases

My local police is listed but is always off line when I check

Great Support

Bought this app and my city was not on the list, contacted them and with in less then 24 hours it was updated. Wish all apps were taken care of like this one, just buy it and you can get rid of your expensive scanner!!!!!

Police radio

What a great app. they added my local police depts. Without delay. this is really worthwhile.


Nice app. Clear radio signals. Inexpensive. Nice that you are able to listen in the background while doing other things on the iPad.

Support is Awesome!!!

This works great! I have had a hand held scanner for 20 years and I just threw it away! The buffering works great and the support staff is excellent. I asked for a county to be entered and within an hour i got an e-mail saying it was done and would show up on the next update. So look for Williamson County Tennessee soon! PS - add Franklin TN and Brentwood TN city Police please. BUY THIS APP

Nice but missing ATC feeds

Nice work. Please add a category for air traffic control and provide those feeds. This will make it perfect. Thanks.

Great police scanner app

This app has worked just fine for me and I've been able to stream calls without any issues. Having the list of codes is a nice touch, as is the map. I imagine with the 3G the GPS would make it even better. I think it is worth the money.

Ultimate Scanner App!

I just started using Police Radio HD and noticed my local area had a web cast but was not available in the app. I wrote them about it and they had my city updated in there app WITHIN THE HOUR! What great customer service. This app has a lot going for it, but a few key features would make it perfect. It would be cool to select several different frequency locations and have the app actually "scan" those freqs just like a real scanner. I don't know how taxing it would be monitor multiple stations but that would really bring the scanner experience home. Also a cool feature could be a "travel mode" where it would automatically play frequencies from your surrounding area. Say if your on a trip it could jump to different broadcasts as you go from town to town. Just a thought. Otherwise this is the best of the Police band apps out there and yes i have tried them all! Purchase Police Radio without hesitation. It's a solid app. Just visit their page first to see that your area of interest is covered. You will be thrilled with the app.

Doesn't work...save your money.

I would have contacted support before rating 1 star, but the CONTACT US page on their web site isn't a link. When you select a stream to play, a little circle says buffering and never does anything.

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